(3 discs includes training manual on DVD)

Phase II takes you into the ‘next tier’ of wrestling techniques that you will need to know and understand since the more advanced wrestlers will have a somewhat different set of common positions. For example, the better wrestlers can wrestle off of their hip and often times scramble from our leg attack finishes. We offer the best ways of finishing from these ‘deal-breaker’ positions and much more. Furthermore, you will learn more about controlling the better wrestlers’ attack hand, more secondary attacks, the difference between winning and losing 1 point matches (training manual), and basically how to begin to beat the better wrestlers that you face.

Also, our full length leg riding DVD will put you over the edge and into a different level of wrestling. Purler Wrestling is about the best there is at teaching leg riding and we have college wrestling coaches seeking out Purler wrestlers in part because of their skill with mat wrestling.

To top it all off, we offer the same ‘how to drill’ material that you would get in Phase I.

To round out our Phase II series, we offer you another training manual for study that builds upon what you studied in Phase I.