Our youth / beginner’s series is recommended for wrestlers with zero to three years of experience. Many of the skills and ideas shared on our Beginner’s series are areas not covered in many wrestling programs. We have had many wrestlers train at Purler Wrestling Academy that have as much as 4-5 years of experience that knew little more than a half nelson and double leg. Our beginner’s series is not only for beginners in the sport of wrestling, but also serves as an introduction to the Foundation wrestling system of wrestling.

Our Youth / Beginner’s DVDs focus the wrestlers on fundamental positioning and hand-fighting while putting an emphasis on high percentage / low-risk techniques from the common wrestling positions. However, our primary focus is on the high percentage but easier to learn skills so that the wrestlers can quickly develop an arsenal of ‘go to’ techniques from wrestling’s most common positions. This creates confidence and excitement for the wrestlers and parents alike, and also makes or a more enjoyable experience for the coaches as well. Too often, we waste time with our novice wrestlers trying to force feed them the techniques and skills that they are not ready to learn. I have seen this in other sports that I’ve done as well and this is something the wrestling coaches must not do! We need for our newer wrestlers to enjoy the sport immediately and Foundation Wrestling Youth/ Beginner’s series will do this for you.

Story 1: I will never forget joining Karate when I was 8 or 9 years old (before getting into wrestling) and remembering how excited I was! But, after 4 to 5 weeks of nothing but stretching and maybe throwing punches in the air, I quit. And to be honest, I should have quit sooner! I am not a quitter, the instructor just had NO CLUE of how to teach Karate to kids. The instructor probably should have had us stretching out well, kicking and hitting things, developing the fine motor skills of our kicks and punches, sparring with the heavy bag using these skills, and then stretched again before going home. And maybe he should have broken some boards in front of us too or kicked out a light bulb or something so we knew what we were working towards.

  • In wrestling, we do the same thing. It is vital that we get the kids involved and engaged with wrestling moves and not spend the entire practice trying to develop only the extremely difficult areas of wrestling. Some of wrestling’s greatest tricks are not difficult to learn and Foundation Wrestling Beginner’s series covers all of these from each of the most common wrestling positions. Furthermore, this leaves plenty of time of live wrestling. Beginners (and all wrestlers) need tons of live wrestling time (35-40 minutes each practice) since this is when they learn ‘how’ to wrestle.

Story 2: I played soccer for many years and was continually frustrated in how a scrimmage (live soccer play) was considered a special little prize or a treat. I used to get very angry and to this day I have yet to see a World Cup soccer match where the athletes dribble a ball around some cones and then stand in line for 10 minutes waiting for another turn. Don’t fall into this trap! Please remember that hard wrestling is NOT a privilege. It is vital to their success and in learning the sport of wrestling. Kids will be learning their hips and what to do and NOT to do on the mat. The coach should teach them how to wrestle, how to drill, move their feet, move their opponent, develop some good raw skills / moves, and let them get after it!! Speaking of games, remember that live wrestling is a game!! You should hit 35-45 minutes of hard wrestling in each practice. This sounds like a lot but keep in mind that they are not knowledgeable enough about wrestling to have VERY intense live wrestling sessions, so 40 minutes is perfect for them. Plus, this is why they joined in the first place. Do not ruin wrestling for them. Also, this much live wresting is impossible if you have only a 1.5 hour practice so I suggest to have 2 hour practices and keep them busy. Time will fly by and they will be back for more.

  • Remember, you are not going to teach them how to wrestle in ONE season, much less one practice, so just do a great job, let them enjoy wrestling, and they can figure out the rest on their own. When getting Foundation Wrestling Beginner’s series together, I volunteered to coach the Francis Howell Central Junior Spartans and coached the new / newer wrestlers. It was not easy, especially for someone that has been only involved in very high-level wrestling for so many years. But I sure did get some good ‘research’ done for these dvds and feel I have hit the nail on the head for other coaches and wrestling parents with kids that are new to wrestling. Good luck!