Hi Nick,

I wanted to thank you and your company’s efforts to put out what I consider the best wresting training tool I have ever come across. I started a wrestling program at the high school where I teach from scratch. The school had no history of wrestling and there were no youth programs.

As you can imagine, it was long uphill battle to recruit kids to compete in a sport they didn’t know, and then try to build a competitive team. Imagine a high school baseball coach trying to teach kids to field ground ball, hit the ball to the opposite field and all the subtle nuances of baseball if the kids had never played the game, and never even seen the game played on TV. That’s what wrestling coaches are faced with in this neck of the country.

For the first two years I had a few good athletes, but it was hard to teach them all they needed to know to be competitive in the league and in the state. I finally got a great group of recruits from the 8th grade class. These kids were tough and wanted to learn the sport. Two years ago, I bought your “Dream Season Set” of DVDs and started to build my “foundation wrestling”. The next year our team found some success going 5 and 16 for the season as a team of freshman.

The sophomore year, continuing your foundation approach the kids gained some confidence in their abilities and started winning matches. That year we finished 17 and 5. Things just kept improving and I used Phase I and Phase II extensively to improve their game and take their wrestling to the next level. Last year as juniors, the kids went 15-1, I had five sectional finishers and two state finishers. The program has grown considerably.

Success breeds success. This year, as the season has just begun, we are undefeated, and as a team are winning tournaments. Most importantly, the kids believe in themselves and their ability to wrestle at a high level. Many are looking for colleges that have wrestling programs and a few local colleges are watching my boys. I know that there are many factors to success, talent, work ethics and so on, but the one common denominator with my team is your “foundation wrestling” structure. We put points on the board, win matches over kids that are better than we are, and really did go from “zero to hero”. I firmly believe in your foundation approach and again, I appreciate your excellence in producing your video training series.

Thanks Nick,

Todd Bryant
Varsity Wrestling Coach
Hampshire Regional High School

Coach Purler,

Thank you for running a great clinic in Princeton during the past week. My son found it to be very beneficial and I saw some great coaching!!! Your ability to keep all age groups on task and working for a full day is a tribute to your ability to work with kids of all ages.

I no longer coach wrestling, but I sure wish I would have had a system like yours to work off of. Your clinic and DVD are easy to understand and yet the wrestlers get a hard workout while also learning the sport of wrestling Please include me on your contact list for future emails.

And please let me know when you will be having clinic in the state of Wisconsin or Northern Illinois in the future. I am interested in the phase two leg riding that you talked about at the clinic.

Thanks for all you do for the sport of wrestling. It truly is an honor to see someone who enjoys their work and profession as much as you do. My Dad always told me, ” if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life” and I can see where you are a person who loves what he is doing.

Take care,

Kerry Johnson


I thought I would give you a pat on the back for job well done with your camp. It was a great camp for my son Travis. You pretty much fixed his stance and positioning on his feet and tremendously increased his confidence on shooting.

Since your camp, he has gone from a defensive wrestler waiting to be shot on to an attacking, creating opportunity, and shooting “takedown machine”. Since leaving your camp, Travis has been in 4 tournaments (NHSCA Middle School Nationals, AAU West Coast Junior Olympics High School Division, and 2 tournaments at John Smith’s OSU 2 week intensive camp) and compiled a record of 16-3. He only gave up 1 takedown in his 3 loses, and maybe 1 takedown in his 16 wins and that I thank you for.

Travis and I thank you for furthering his abilities towards his goals of being a high school state champ and national champion. We’ll see you guys in August at the leg riding camp and one of your foundation camps, and he’ll be back at the Takedown Machine next year.

Thanks again,

Brent Metcalf


Just wanted to tell you that your dvds are outstanding. I have invested probably over a thousand in videos/dvds so I can learn and become the most well rounded coach I can be over the past 7 years. I own (thankfully my wife doesn’t know what these videos cost) or have seen just about all of them (World and Olympic stars and so many more…you name it and I probably own it) and I want you to know that I found yours series to be one of the best. The way it’s designed, presented – well done all around!!

I am building a program in a brand new high school in a community with basically no wrestling “culture” or mentality. I may have told you in a past email how lucky I am to have met and worked with guys like World and Olympic stars. I’ve always been “thirsty” for more knowledge about our sport, but meeting these guys was an added spark and gave me additional impetus to go out there and get my hands on the best information possible. I feel I’ve done that consistently with my current video library but now have raised it to another level since adding your foundation series.

It’s interesting to me because 90% or more of what’s out there are almost entirely technique based – which is obviously by design given that’s what they were made to provide. However, your series provides not only the best and most high percentage techniques (taught incredibly well) but also [and most importantly] all the intangibles that none of the others provide – tactics, mindset, mental edge and seemingly tons of other little things not readily available on the market. It seems like all these great ambassadors to the sport have forgotten about tactics and mindset – at least in their video/dvds (but never at clinics or camps).

I appreciate the work you put in and wanted to thank you for putting this product out there for coaches and athletes like myself. I have learned a lot and will employ a lot of the Purler Foundation principles in my practice room.
Maybe someday I’ll bump into you at nationals or some other event. Until then, thanks again.

Best regards,

Will C.
Head Wrestling Coach

Coach Purler,

I don’t often comment on technique videos I’ve purchased, but you seem to allow yourself to be approached by others so I thought I would let you know what I thought.

We started practice today. I have a team that comprises of about 27 kids and about 10 of them started wrestling as freshman (they are my most experienced kids). Using your handfighting skills and positioning drills I was able to avoid the wanting to wrestle live comments. They were able to focus on better set-ups to utilize their growing shot repetoire. My assistant came up to me and, although I feel as though I run good practices, made it a point to tell me how much more engaged the kids seemed as I didn’t allow for much down time and tried not to be an explainiac. I feel this was partly due to the handbook you provided with guidelines for practices.

I’ve felt all Summer that we might be a sleeper team in our league. If we truly perform to our potential, some of that thanks will go to you.

Thanks again,

Mike Wilbur
Andover, Kansas High School Wrestling

Coach Purler,

My name is Brent Rastetter and I’m a coach in Lexington, Ohio. I purchased the Foundation System Dvd’s last year and feel that it was my best technique purchase that I have made in my 25 years with the sport. I read in the latest W.I.N. magazine that a Part 2 is going to be released, I was just curious as to when that would be out because I want to purchase it as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for your time.

Brent Rastetter
Lexington, Ohio


I am enjoying watching/studying your wrestling DVD from a coaches standpoint. I’ll be coaching wrestling full time at the junior high level ( I’ve helped out the past two years) so this will be a new and exciting experience for me. The small details that are demonstrated in the DVD and the how’s and why’s of each move along with the mental aspects are very helpful. Good luck with your future endeavors in wrestling. Your concepts of how to be successful in the great sport of wrestling are a huge plus to people that want to and need to improve.

Dave Boze


Awhile back I emailed you about how well I thought Chris was doing this year and you asked if I would write a testimonial for you and your academy. I figured I would wait till the end of the regular wrestling season and see how everything turned out. Results were way above my or Chris’ expectations. So here is my testimonial–feel free to use as you wish.

After the end of the ’06 wrestling season my 7 yr. old son, Chris Prosser, was not feeling too great about his season. He finished the year with a 9-17 record. He loved the sport but was discouraged by his inability to win consistently. I could see his confidence waning as the season rolled on. I realized that he either had to get better or he was going to quit a sport he really enjoyed. Fortunately a friend of mine, Jesse Cadena, recommended we join your academy.

I had seen PWA wrestlers at tournaments and saw that they were usually the ones winning. We enrolled Chris in March of ’06 in Purler Wrestling Academy. His first couple of months he was not overly enthused about going to practice because he was receiving a steady thumping from the other more advanced kids in your program. I tried to encourage him by telling him it would make him a better wrestler. I was not totally convinced he was getting any better. As I watched him wrestle all summer long I did not seem to notice the gradual improvements he was making. My friend Jesse kept telling me “wait till next season rolls around”. What great advice.

Wrestling season started in December of ’06, just nine months after he started with your program. Chris(now 8 yrs. old) and I talked about setting a goal for his wins for the season. He thought if he could win 15 matches it would be an improvement. I agreed and I did not want him to focus on losses so we just set a goal for his wins. Season starts and he won his first tournament. He won his second tournament. He just kept on winning. By the time the Tulsa Nationals rolled around he was still undefeated in local tournaments. I believe his record was something like 20-0. His confidence was high and he kept asking if we could go to Tulsa. I was very hesitant about it because I wasn’t sure if he was ready for that level of competition. I relented and am glad we went. He didn’t place as he lost his first two matches but he did come back and win the Hardluck Tournament. Great experience, as he got to see what the best wrestlers in the country are like. He left Tulsa with his season record at 23-2.

The season is now over for the local tournaments. He ended with a 40-4 record, far surpassing his original goal of 15 wins. Some of the highlights of his season were his first time attending a national level tournament, overwhelming a kid that had beat him three times in the past (Chris was winning 12-0 in the third period when he finally pinned the kid) and capping off the regular season by placing 3rd at the Illinois State Bantam Championships.

His amazing turnaround can be credited to you and your academy. Your ability to train young kids in the “four pillars of wrestling” is what I attribute to Chris’ major improvement. I am sold on your slogan “Those who stay will be champions!”

Chris now loves going to your practice because he wants to continue to improve(he doesn’t receive as many thumpings from the other kids either). His goal now is to become one of your All-Americans. We are heading to Iowa at the end of this month to attend the USA Nationals in Cedar Falls. Maybe one day he will be able to wear the Purler All American t-shirt. Thanks for everything you do for the kids.

Jeff Prosser (Chris’ proud Dad)

First of all I would like to say thanks to your system. This past season my son and I attended your fall camp here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Pius XI High School. During the camp I was so amazed by how physical and aggressive your system is. This was all I needed to see and know, all through the years of wrestling since my son was at the age four, all I ever heard was my son is too aggressive and something is going on inside of him, I don’t won’t my kid practicing with him, he is wild, why is he so angry when he wrestle and on and on. My son always asked me what are they talking about? why do they always say that? I just told him what ever you do while you are wrestling keep doing what works for you, if they can’t stop it keep doing it. The last thing stay in your position. My son has always been a tough wrestler, but when it came time to compete against kids that were tougher only 50 percent of the times he would win. The toughest wrestlers at his weight he could never beat. This year after your camp we immediately stuck with your system and game plan practicing it over and over again from the claw ride, to tilts, stacks, eastern roll, knee slide stand up, the dresser dump and so on. Man does this stuff work and work well, after three weeks of practicing three days a week. My son entered middle school as a sixth grader being one of the youngest on the team. On December 9, 2007 our team entered in the first tournament of the year. He won the Middleton Middle School Invite at 85lbs being the youngest in his group, with one seventh grader and two eight graders. He defeated the first two wrestlers which were both eight graders, defending champion and a seventh grader by a tech fall 18-0, pin 48sec, 22sec non of them scoring a point. The next tournament was the Waterford Tournament, at this one he had two state place winners from the previous year, one of them being the State Greco Champion. Keeping the same strategy he shocked everyone by defeating the first wrestler. Meeting the second state placer for first place who was the Greco State Champ. We went into that match with the same game plan to start off pounding the head down over and over and into front headlocks circling just wear and tearing him down. Finally in the last period the dad yells out loud hey he’s pulling on his headgear take it off now ! When his son took it off he tried rushing after my son in a tie up by using one of the powerful pillars push, pull, hit, pick, and pass, my son snapped him down and spanned behind him for the win. After that point I knew we were off to a good start and a new beginning. My son Travis went from there 20-0 before losing a dual match to a eighth grader 3-4. He continued on winning tournaments, also winning his first ever regional in dominating fashion with two pins, 9-2, and finals match 12-0. The final results were answered after hearing all about how this system helped kids improve to a point where they had won state tournaments and defeating state champions. After putting all of our trust into something that became the solution to learn how to beat the toughest wrestlers, my son found himself wrestling in the Wisconsin Kids State Finals finishing in second place at 94lbs(State Runner-up) and becoming the schools first ever Milwaukee Area Middle School Conference Champion as a sixth grader. Once again I would like to thank you for sharing your system to those who are always looking for ways to become a great wrestler

P.S. Please share this story to those who are willing and ready to become a champion.

thank you,

Coach Tony Smith
Wrestler Travis Smith
City Kids Wrestling