The best way to USE our FOUNDATION WRESTLING DVDs is to actually USE them.  I have built my entire wrestling academy around Phase I and Phase II of FOUNDATION WRESTLING’s skills and tactics.  If you simply watch them once and put them on the shelf, it is not likely that you will benefit.  Our little guys begin by mastering the Youth / Beginner’s first and our Purler Wrestling Academy Elite students spend a great deal of their mat time drilling Phase I and II while also getting quality drill time on our Phase III series.  But, for our youth and high school programs as well as our Elite classes, Phase I and Phase II makes up the FOUNDATION of our drill time.and the FOUNDATION of the sport of wrestling in my opinion.   Use them!!!    You can build an incredible wrestling career / coaching career around Phase I and Phase II as those are the cornerstone of FOUNDATION WRESTING and the sport of wrestling as a whole.

Reproducible results- If you follow a cake recipe, then you will get the same cake when you are done time after time.  No matter how many cakes you bake, as long as you follow that recipe the SAME way each time, the cake will be the same and you will have a cake baking system. FOUNDATION WRESTLING is a recipe for you to follow as well.  See the ‘what to purchase’ section of our site so you know exactly what you need to purchase.

Using our DVDs for High School and Middle School coaches

We have two different users of our DVDs..the coaches and the dads / motivated wrestler.  The coaches are in a very different position than the dads are since they only have their kids for 4 months a year for a few practices a week, and have a room full of kids with varying experience levels.  The dads have usually just their son(s) and can practice with them any day of the week and on a year-round basis.  I took this into account when I produced FOUNDATION WRESTING but still, there are some adjustments needed on behalf of the coaches.

  • Coaches, here is how I would use FOUNDATION WRESTLING:
  • Your goal is for your kids to know the drill routines first and master them second.  Teach fast.  Once you can call out the technique, and they can drill it for two minutes straight, they are ready for more.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect before you go on to the next skill. It may take 1,000s of reps before it looks perfect and we don’t have time to go at a snail’s pace.  For example, if I was a high school coach I’d have 2.5 hour practices and also a mandatory mini-camp on the first weekend (or two) of season.Saturday and Sunday.  After the first two weeks of season has passed, you should have all of Phase I and the leg-riding of Phase II taught.if not more.   Save the rest of Phase II for a later time if need be (January 1 st .if not sooner) and if your team is very low-skill-level and inexperienced, then just stick with Phase I and the leg riding of Phase II for that team.  If you are ready for more but not all of the rest of Phase II, then make sure to add this:
    • Quick double
    • Fireman’s carry
    • Joe Seay finish
    • Elbow trap
    • Split him to leg hook
    • Knee pull from bad position high crotch
    • Collar jerk
    • Throw by
    • Throw the foot defense
    • Reach back from stand up
    • Hook shot
  • The above gives you 11 more techniques and along with the rest of Phase I and the leg riding of Phase II this is about ALL you need to have your high school team drilling on year after year after year.  I can guarantee you that your team will have more success than you have dreamed of having by following this plan.  And if your team is smaller and seems to be on track, then get all or some of the above 11 additional techniques taught before Christmas Break and the final 2 months of seasons is NO teaching of wrestling and ALL drilling of wrestling from that point out.
  • Drill cards-  Besides the leg riding, you are now to divide all the techniques you have your team drilling into drill cards.index cards.  Once you have 3-4 cards then you can begin to rotate through these cards.  For example, on Monday drill card 1, on Tuesday drill card 2, etc.  There is no need to drill EVERYTHING each practice and it is best, in my opinion, to hammer a card full of drills for a solid hour or more and hit the next card the next day.  These cards can also be used to drill the kids as a team prior to dual meets, tournaments, etc.  Also, the leg riding, tilts, defense, finishes from the mat, and other low-intensity stuff should / could be hit at the beginning of practice as a warm up so you don’t have to waste time running, etc.  Hit the intensive drill stuff next and then you are ready for hard wrestling so that your practice ‘builds’ towards the live wrestling.  The time after the warm up and before the intensive drilling can also be used to ‘get ready’ for the upcoming team.  For example, if the team does a lot of cradles and you want to brush up on cradle defense with your team, do this after the warm up and before the hard drilling so the practice builds and the kids don’t get hot and sweaty, then have to work this minor area / polishing stuff with a cold wet t-shirt and FINALLY get into hard wrestling.which they are now not warmed up for.  This makes for a poor practice.
  • Conclusion – Phase I and the leg riding of Phase II MUST be drilled over and over.  If you can add the rest of Phase II then do so.  If not, add what I have listed above or at least a nice chunk of it.  Nothing will be perfect but remember, your coaching competition is still showing move after move after move with no drill time.  I call this ‘random moves followed by recreational drill time’.and I used to do it too.  It doesn’t work.  You, on the other hand, have your drill routines in place early and can spend the rest of the season standing against the wall with a stop watch and a Pepsi and put your army of workers to work getting better at wrestling.  Too often, the coach works harder than the kids do and the kids are bored out of their minds.
  • If you purchase Phase III, use this for your own benefit as there are 4 full DVDs of information in there and you can share things like the low-single leg series, etc with your kids that actually train in the off-season.  Otherwise, Phase III should not be a part of your drill routine as you simply don’t have time to do it all and this is an ‘icing on the cake’ set of DVDs anyway and beyond the scope of most high school wrestlers, much less teams.  Phase I and Phase II make up the layers of the cake and should be your focus while our Youth / Beginner’s DVDs make up the ingredients if you will.the ‘getting started’ into wrestling portion of FOUNDATION WRESTLING.  Those are suited for your youth / feeder team.

Using our DVDs for youth coaches

Youth coaches, here is how I would use FOUNDATION WRESTLING DVDs.

  • Your warm up should always be the ‘drills’ portion of our DVDs.  Get started and get them going asap so that they can learn that practice time is work time.
  • Practice should be 2 hours in length and in the beginning of season, you should go 3X per week.  I would go a 2 hour 15 minute practice if you feel up to it.
  • A ‘day camp’  is also a great idea if you can get the bulk of your kids involved.  This Saturday or Sunday mini-camp will do wonders for you.  But again, teach them quickly and do not expect the 6 year olds to keep up with the 13 year olds.  Teach to the upper 1/3 of the group and those ‘other’ kids can try to keep up.  Push the pace.
  • If you have a huge team full of inexperienced kids, then stay away from the head-in-the-hole and cement mixer.  Teach all the rest and try to pick 3-4 things to teach each practice and drill it till they look ‘decent’.  The next practice, what you have learned before can be added to your warm up time before you add a new ‘chunk’ of 3-4 moves to their regimen.  This way, your warm up is also a review time for them and your goal is to have you entire drill system in place fast so that all of your practice leading up to live wrestling is drill time / review time.
  • Since many kids will have NO wrestling experience, remember that the bulk of their improvement will come from the live wrestling that they do.  Get a solid 45 minutes of live wrestling time in and if you feel it is necessary, show and drill two techniques and drill them on it and then go live for 8 minutes.  Circle up, and add another move and repeat.  I did this when I volunteered as a youth coach as a way to do ‘research’ for this DVD series.  You should get 2-3 techniques taught per practice.
  • Drill cards –  Use this same system with your teams just as the Middle School and High School coaches have been advised to do.
  • Youth parents are more likely to be involved in their kids’ athletics than the older kids parents are and encouraging them to buy the Youth / Beginner’s series of FOUNDATION WRESTLING is a way for them to work at home with their sons and this helps YOUR team to win tournaments.  So many parents are motivated to help their kids at home anyway so get them the recipe to follow.
  • The goal is for your team to be the Youth State Champs and then to feed into the Middle School and High School programs so they can be State Champs.  Once all the coaches get on the same page, the medals begin to pile up and your program takes on a life of it’s own.
  • Go to and see our Workshops packet in you’d like us to come to your town to teach your entire team our system.  This is a shortcut and we fly all over the US each year doing just this.  This way, when we leave your team is ready for you to drill and they also get a free set of our DVDs to take home to review and study on their own.

Using our DVDs at home

For the dads working with their son(s) at home, or the dedicated wrestler wanting to drill at home or before practice and during the off-season, FOUNDATION WRESTLING can help you to make yourself into a monster.  Often times, the coach(es) of your son’s team are unorganized, burned out, cater to the low-skill-level kids, don’t have any help, can’t manage the wrestling room or control the kids, move too fast, move too slow, don’t have a plan, do nothing but conditioning and running, or may even have little or no wrestling experience.  For those kids, our DVDs can help you to take control of your own destiny.

For those using FOUNDATION WRESTLING on their own, this is how I’d do it:

  • For youth kids, get your son a workout partner and work at home with him.  Use the index card approach as mentioned above.  Master the Youth / Beginners series first and then dive into Phase I.  Eventually, add Phase II and keep this plan until he is in college’s all that you need.
  • Remember, though, that sheer power is a huge part of wrestling and there are gonna be kids that your youth wrestler may not beat just because the opponent has the power of a much older athlete.  Once we get hair on our legs, things even out real fast and the SKILLED athletes rise quickly to the top.  Get your son skilled and don’t get too caught up in win / loss records.
  • For the Middle School or High School kids, start with Phase I and then add Phase II..UNLESS you are a first year wrestler.  If that is the case, get the Beginner’s series and master that / watch that as you need to know things like how to get off of your back, pinning techniques, the vital wrestling grips to use, etc.  Set a goal to learn Phase I and II fast and begin drilling on this before your scheduled practice time, after school, before the dual meets or tournaments, whenever you can.   Knowing the techniques and being able to hit them on the State Champ are two different things.  Drill like a machine year after year on Phase I and II and remember that you are only competing against 5% of the State or Nation.  Train like that 5% does and you will become one of them.  Also, don’t get sidetracked by thinking that you are ‘working hard’ just because you run and lift weights.  This is wrestling, not track or body-building.   You need to be WRESTLING 2-3 days a week in the off-season.  More advice on this is spelled out in the handbooks provided with the DVDs.
  • For the Elite High School kids and / or those who have mastered Phases I and II, you need to dive into Phase III.  Take out disc 1 and master it.  Get disc 2 out and master it, followed by disc 3 and 4.  Once you do this, you will know more wrestling technique than 99% of the coaches and athletes in the US know.  Depending on how fast or slow you go, you can turn yourself into a beast pretty quick.
  • For the older kids who have a mat at home or at least have access to mat time, get a buddy who wants to be a State Champion or College wrestler.the buddy system works.  Make a workout schedule for yourself.   For example, you may drill EVERY Monday and Thursday after school on a year round basis.  You may choose to go to camps together and off-season meets together.  Having someone to push you is the key.  A large part of my success is due to the fact that I had a twin brother to train with on a year round basis.if we only had FOUNDATION WRESTLING things could have been even better.  Use the drill cards and hit two cards per drill session.  All of your conditioning comes from drilling and if you drill the right way, you won’t need to run.ever.  Hit the weight room twice a week HARD on your off wrestling days and you are golden.

There is a difference between buying our DVDs and using them.  I want you to USE them year after year after year and hopefully, by laying out a plan of attack as I have done above, you feel much more comfortable about this purchase.  My goal was to break wrestling down into chunks that can be learned and tackled one chunk at a time.  FOUNDATION WRESTLING is considered by many to be the finest instructional DVD system ever produced for the sport of wrestling.  Good luck!

Nick Purler