The best way to know what to purchase is to first see the ‘How to use our DVDs’ section of the site as the decision will have a lot to do with the age and experience level of your wrestler(s), and also if you are a coach or a parent who is making this purchase.  Once you have done that, you will know exactly what to purchase from this site.  Below is an overview for you to view but reading the “How to” section will help the most. 

Also remember that with most DVDs on the market, you are buying a position.  For example, for $40 dollars you can get a 22 minute DVD on cradles and learn 9 different cradles.some of which will be low % technique but necessary to fill space on the DVD.  With FOUNDATION WRESTLING, we take only the few cradles that actually work (based on our 30+ years of experience) and deliver them to you.  We also, again, divide up ALL of these vital techniques into chunks that are suited for the Beginning wrestler all the way to the most advance college-bound Elite high school you a ‘building-blocks’ approach to learning.sort of like Mathematics is taught.  In addition, our DVDs offer the wrestling coaches (and dads) out there with a PLAN to follow.  Our DVDs are the most organized DVDs on the market and the only real ‘system’ there is.  FOUNDATION WRESTLING is also the most cost-efficient way to quickly learn exactly and only what you need to know at that time in your career and ALL of what we cover is high % wrestling.  This way, it doesn’t take an experienced wrestler, dad, or coach to use our DVDs as there is no deciding on what will actually work and what won’t.  We take all the guess-work out of it and give you THE plan you need to follow.  This way, no time or money is wasted with FOUNDATION WRESTLING.   As for the time aspect, our dvds sets are packed with between 2-4 full DVDs and cover hours of wrestling for $109.00.not $40 for 22 minutes.  This makes FOUNDATION WRESTLING the most efficient and affordable DVDs on the market. 

What DVDs should the team coaches purchase ?

Youth coaches – Youth / Beginner’s DVD series

Middle School – Youth / Beginners DVD series and Phase I DVD series

High School – Phase I and Phase II DVD series.and possible Phase III.

*Remember that there is a difference between a beginner who is 7 and a beginner who is 14.

*Also remember that as a coach, you get your kids on the mat for only 4 months a year and youth coaches get usually just 2 practices per week while the high school coaches can get 4-5 practices per week but still only for a short period of time.  For high school coaches, once the dual meets and tournaments begin, those practice days can be cut down to just 3 days a week.  Focusing your efforts as a coach and athlete is the key and this is all spelled out in the training manuals you will receive with the Phase I and II DVD sets. 

What DVDs should the dad / motivated wrestler purchase ?

Youth wrestler #1 – If your son is 10 years old or younger and has just 2-3 years of experience or less, then the Youth / Beginners DVD set is for you.   You should master this series and then quickly move on to Phase I, spending the bulk of your drill time on Phase I as this is a HUGE part of the FOUNDATION WRESTLING DVD system.  Our Youth / Beginner’s series actually sets you on track and gives you the fundamental back-ground skills, insights into positioning, basic concepts, attacks & counters, tips and strategies, etc that help prepare you for Phase I.    By mastering the Youth / Beginners series, you will be able to fill in the gaps so that Phase I can be dove into and the mastering process can begin to take place more efficiently.  You have to know how to add and subtract before you can learn how multiply and divide. 

Purchase Youth / Beginner’s and Phase I. 

Youth wrestler #2 – If your son is 10-14 and has at least 1 full year of experience and had success on the mat and pretty solid coaching during his first year, go to Phase I (first year 11-14 year olds would be very well served with studying the Youth / Beginner’s series, however). Since this wrestler has plenty of live wrestling minutes under his belt and a couple of seasons of drill time, Phase I is for you.  Purchase Phase I.

Youth wrestler #3 – If your son is winning or placing in the State Championships,  or at least very competitive and is motivated for greatness in wrestling, then Phase I and Phase II is for you.  This is also what you should buy if your son is competing on the National level.  Phase I and Phase II should be mastered and drilled year after year.  Purchase Phase I and II.

High School wrestler #1 – Whether your son is a beginner or an experienced wrestler who needs to make improvements and play catch up in order to win a State medal, he will need to master Phase I.  He will need Phase II eventually so purchase also Phase II.  Purchase Phase I and Phase II.

High School wrestler #2 – If your High School wrestler is an Elite high school athlete who is either winning high school state medals / titles or very close to doing so.or plans to dive in and become a student of FOUNDATION WRESTLING and earning a college wrestling scholarship, then, purchase Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III.  Purchase Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III.

*Of course we would always recommend the 3-disc Audio series that is custom-made for the wrestler, coach, and father and is packed with over 30 years of advice from Nick.  We cover it all from dealing with nerves, making weight, winning close matches, how to get ready for big matches, running efficient wrestling practices, conditioning, coaching your son (and when not to), etc.  3 FULL CDs so you can pick and choose what advice to listen to over and over.  These are divided into 3 sections and custom-made for the wrestler, coach, and wrestling parent.

*And, if you intend to stick with the plan and use our DVDs as a blueprint, then purchasing the DVDs in sets saves you money.